MoviePass' Misrepresentations, Un-indoctrination Through Education, and Mysterious & Exotic Locations

Ethical and legal—while not the same thing, people like to think they are. Unfortunately for Moviepass, they seemed to cross both of those lines when they decided to unilaterally change a bunch of passwords for heavy users to try and stop hemorrhaging money (it didn’t work). A recent read by Hans by someone who would’ve never known what Moviepass was (had she not left her fundamentalist family) got him thinking about seeing the world through the eyes of others. Speaking of seeing the world through the eyes of others . . . Evan gives his thoughts on the newest season of Expedition Unknown.


00:01:16 Didn't You Know?!?! — MoviePass

00:23:17 Hit the Books! — Educated by Tara Westover

00:29:42 Study Break! — Expedition Unknown

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